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venerdì 3 novembre 2017


Leggere bene il testo qui sotto ed utilizzarlo come modello per la stesura di un brano di 75-100 parole con la seguente scaletta:
- Introduce yourself and describe your personality using at least 3 adjectives (patient, moody, creative, friendly ...);
- Write what you like, hate and don't mind doing (at school and in your free time);
- Describe what you are going to study (in high school and university) and why;
- Write what job you would like to do and why;
- Use all the expressions in bold (=grassetto) in the text.

Hi, my name's Christy and I'm 14 years old. In this period, I'm thinking about what optional subjects I'm going to take for my GCSEs. I don't really need many suggestions because I know what I want to do after school. My parents would like me to go to university, but I want to have my own clothes shop. 
I love wearing nice dresses and my friends always tell me that I've got excellent taste so I'm good at choosing trendy accessories. I'm creative, so I can think of very original outfits. I'm also outgoing, so I enjoy talking to people and giving them ideas. But I can be really bossy, too, so I don't want to obey someone else's orders! I know this job can be tiring but I don't mind working long hours.
What really hate is studying, especially boring subjects such as English and History. I'm not interested in learning endless lists of names and dates! That's why I'm going to choose Business Studies, because I would like to learn about managing a shop. I'm also going to study French and Italian, because one day I hope to go to Paris and Milan to see the fashion shows there!

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