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martedì 22 maggio 2018

CLASSE TERZA B - Letter writing

come anticipato in classe, ecco la scaletta della lettera personale da scrivere per venerdì 25/5:
Part 1: introduce yourself
name, surname, age, nationality, origin of your family, physical descritption, your personality - write examples for every adjective you choose - your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and pastimes, your school, favourite (and least favourite) school subjects (and why), your routine (describe a typical day).
Part 2: introduce your family
family members, age, physical description, personality, jobs.
Part 3: your place
describe your town (where it is, what ineteresting places there are and things to do)
Part 4:
in the Past Simple, describe an interesting trip you went on with the school or on holiday.
Part 5: describe your future school and future plans

Per favore, scrivete su un foglio così da poter ritirare le lettere ma non i quadernoni.

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